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About Link Analyzer

Link Analyzer Free tool is a helpful tool to analyze the links on your website.
The Link Analyzer Tool by Tool 4 SEO works effectively and it helps in making the process of reviewing and analyzing links easier and quicker. You might be acting in response to the latest Penguin update or you might be performing a regular link audit, this Link Analyzer by Free tool makes the process smoother. This Link Analyzer helps in saving time too.
This particular website link checker can analyze the links on one URL (web page) at a time. Only one web page can be analyzed at a time, so if anyone wants a very in-depth link audit, one must analyze individual web pages one by one, only analyzing the home page won’t help.


How This Link Analyzer Tool by Tool 4 SEO can be used?

The process of using this Link Analyzer tool is quite simple, to use this tool one must enter the URL of the web page that one wants to review and after that one must select whether one wants to go through the external links, internal links, or both. One can also check the box to know the nofollow links.
The results will be generated instantly on this Link Analyzer tool. A report would be displayed that will include all inbound and outbound links as well as the associated anchor text. If there will be any hyperlinked images on the page, the alt attribute of that image will be shown as the anchor text.

What result you get from the link analyzer and how it helps?

  • It shows the total number of links on your web page.
  • The number of Internal Links.
  • The number of external links.
  • And also the number of nofollow links
  • This SEO Tool also gives the links which have dofollow tags so you can always keep an eye on the SEO of your website.


Advantage of using Tool 4 SEO link analyzer tool

Link analyzer helps you analyzing internal links and external links both, This tool is basically used to increase SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and mainly used by SEO professional, Agencies, Companies, Website owners and  Expert Bloggers because they know how important it is to keep track of internal and external link.
Backlinks help ranking website in search engines, Link analyzer is not only to check your website but also you can analyze your competitor website with is link checker tool.

How to use Tool 4 SEO Link checker Tool?

Link checker is also known for link analyzer and it is very simple to use,
#1. Visit our page Link checker tool which is also called link analyzer as you are reading this on the same page.
#2. You can see a box to type text, there write your competitor link in the box and click the “Submit” button which is below the text box.
#3. Now you got the result on the screen, you can also download the report just clicking on the “Export as CSV” button.