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About Article Rewriter

What is Article Rewriter Free Tool?

Article Rewriter Tool known as many different names such as Text Spinner, Paraphrase Online or Create new Article from old Article is a tool of automated software technology and it is used for rewriting text/Article like a blog post or story, so that message and meaning of the original content of article or blog are should be same but the wording is changed significantly to give plagiarism free Article.

It is commonly used by many bloggers, content creators, website administrators, and marketing companies to save their time and create new content ASAP.


Why use Article Rewriter Tool?

There are many benefits using our article rewrite free tool. Here are some:

  1. It saves your time: Usually, people spend hours or even days to write Article for their blogs and assignments but our Article rewriter free tool gives you the freedom to save your time, you can easily create free more than five articles in just 10 minutes using our article rewriter free tool.
  2. On-time: Article rewriter tool help you increase productivity, in few minutes you can deliver your work and you never have to worry about running out of time to complete your task.
  3. Better SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Using article rewriter helps you make most out of SEO if you are just taking content from the internet and posting it as a new article or blog.


Why use Tool 4 SEO Article Rewriter Free Tool?

As of many article spinner you can find on the internet and most of them are paid and it’s really frustrating, isn’t it? If you got luck to find free spinner tools but you are unsure of the quality of the article because most of the free article spinner tool spins few words and it won’t help you if you are looking to create new articles through an article spinner.

Sentence Rewriter by Tool 4 SEO is one of the most trusted among many bloggers and students around the world and the one you can trust. Tool 4 SEO is built for maximum performance and we keep working on improving the quality of work and save your time.


How to use Article Rewriter Free Tool by Tool 4 SEO?

Using our article rewriting tool is pretty easy. Below are the steps to take:

Step #1: Go to

Step #2: Copy your content and paste in in Box provided on the above link.

Step #3: Click on the “Submit” button to run it. It only takes a few seconds to generate.

Step #4: After you get the result, copy the content and paste it into your document.

Step #5: If you have more articles to rewrite the just click on the “Try new document” button to start rewriting the new article.